Coeliac disease

I have a coeliac gene from my 23andme test identified and occasionally get a rash which I spotted on google images which match mine. The rash is called gluten rash or dermatitis herpetiformis.

I was reading about it and found out that sometimes children with coeliac disease have delayed puberty and growth problems. This happened to me in childhood and I had growth hormone to trigger puberty.

The doctors at the time did not spot my coeliac disease as the cause of my growth problems and I have lived unknowing about my coeliac disease up until last night. I am not officially diagnosed by a doctor as yet, but it requires a stomach biopsy and a blood test, but the rash fits and so do my genes; and it is covid time so am reluctant to go to the nhs and a doc while this is going on.

There is also a link between schizophrenia and coeliac disease confirming my bias towards my self diagnosis

The science says that if gluten is not removed from the diet the chances of getting bowel cancer or hodgkins lymphoma is increased, so although my symptoms have been mild throughout my life as of last night I have quit the gluten.

It is not so difficult as there are plenty of alternatives in the supermarket these days.
I have a crate of beer to get rid of in my store cupboard :smiley:

Does anyone know which antipsychotics contain gluten as many medications do?


You might want to talk to a pharmacist. Some medications contain gluten and you need to watch out. I guess now you’re part of genetic disorder fam- I personally have a genetic disease myself.

Is the variant pathogenic?

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I think it is genetic rather than a virus per se, but I don’t know much about medicine or the term pathogenic :slight_smile:

So a pathogenic variant in genetic disease means that the variant you have is definitely going to cause the disease. This can pinpoint if you definitely have the disease or not. I personally don’t have a pathogenic variant- and that’s why we’re still looking.
And yes, I think it’s genetic too. Also, see a genetic counselor/geneticist.

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The gene I carry is HLA-DQB1 and according to 23andme it indicates a slightly increased risk for coeliac disease, therefore it does not imply I am definitely going to get it.

If your celiac, you must completely avoid gluten.

Talk to your pharmacist

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I hope your life improves now that you know this.

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I turned 48 in September, so it is quite late to learn but it is better to know now than not at all.

If you look online you can find a link between sz, psychosis and coeliac disease and how symptoms can be lessened through a gluten free diet. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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Yes I will also test a gluten free diet in the future.

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