Coding or data science

Does anybody do the above for a job?

Are they hard/stressful…?

Which is least stressful and could be done part time?

What type of character do you need for it?

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It’s a good job and well paid for the most part. As long as you’re cool with translating things people don’t understand into things they will try to, you’re good to go.


I don’t know anything about data science.

But coding will require you to retrain every few years as technology changes. Coding is quite stressful also even if you have a talent for it.


Ummm I used to, yes. I was a software engineer for many years, I also know a little bit about data science, which also requires math besides coding skills. Both are highly demanding, you need sustained focus and a high tolerance for bullsh1t. Because requirements may change while you are in the process of implementing a solution and you are forced to change the whole design. Or you may end up with a team of people who don’t give you credit for improvement ideas, until you no longer see the point of it all. It can get very stressful. And part-time jobs in my area are almost inexistent, but maybe you’ll have more luck. If you are good at coding, and passionate, give it a try, either with a permanent contract or as a freelancer. Fingers crossed.


I worked as a junior data scientist for a year. Characteristically you need to be logical or know how to think logically because you code and make algorithms which have many logical steps. and second, you need communication skills to ask seniors what you want to know about and check if what you understand is right. From my perspective these two things are critical in working as a data scientist.

The least stressful job might be data engineers. Because relatively you less need communication with others so I think for data scientist jobs, communications skills which schizo are lack of compared to others make it harder us to work.


May i know why you quit your software job ? Was it the stress ?

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What do you do now?

Just waiting for security clearance to work for the government

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What will you be doing with them?

On Google a lot of sites say software engineering is not very stressful. Are these misinformation?

How do you know this?

I don’t really know

I’m a script noob. I was meant to pickup coding back in December but I ended up in hospital.

I’m planning on learning html, java, css and python. Maybe some other languages; I need to research.
Idk if I could work for anyone with those skills, but web design is always in demand. These days it’s less code and more drag and drop I think (in some softwares or online)

I already bought my Domain last year. I’m planning on making an audio sample sharing site.

I know nothing about data Science, except that it needs more maths and it can get tedious.

I also want to code softwares involved in music production one day too. Maybe be the next Steve Duda idk

You could do full stack? It would defo lead to some work.

My friend said when you start working as a software engineer you spend the first 6 months feeling like you know nothing and are doing everything for the first time.
Eventually it becomes easier and familiar.


One time an article appeared on phones news feed listing some jobs that aren’t high stress. Software engineering was in the list. Then I searched on Google is “Is software engineering stressful.”

Yes, I’m a data scientist. Overall I can’t think of another career I would have preferred. The answer to the question about stress level is: it really depends on your employer and specific role. Having to work on-call and put out fires is totally different from working in a more research-y role where very little is customer facing or time sensitive (some might find the latter stressful for different reasons).
I don’t find my job stressful now, though I was pretty worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to meet expectations.
Not sure about part time - I haven’t come across too many part time data science/software engineering jobs. Here’s a website for 4 day workweek tech jobs, if you’d consider that part time:
Character? Maybe just persistence and some level of curiosity.
Feel free to PM me. There are a lot of threads on these topics on r/cscareerquestions, r/datascience, Team Blind, etc.
You could check out something like Bloomtech - you pay nothing for the education until you get a job. There are a lot of other bootcamps too, e.g. General Assembly.


Data Strategy Consultant

It was a persistent depression that creeped its way into my mind during the pandemic. I would sleep for 11 hours every night, then take at least 2 naps during the day, and my focus was really bad. I still haven’t overcome it, although I am in a better place right now.

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