Coast guards are great!

Maybe, these coast guards have saved a junky from an overdose, psychotic episode or something bad like that! These guys do a very good job in war against drug!


They say that America is the world’s biggest user of illegal drugs, funnily although I was there 13 years, I never saw any drugs, here where I am we do not have that type of problems.

For sure, Europe, Asia, Russia, Middle-East & Africa are also big consumers of illegal narcotics. Drugs are a global scourge.

Actually I have never seen any illegal drugs in my life, surely in Russia they have problems and so on, but America being the richest country, I suppose drug cartels target America’s users.

They should guard the people not the coast.

Why are they guarding the coast?

Drugs, very bad. Id love to set people free from them.

If they want you dead they get you on drugs, one of my family members actually tried this once or twice or three times. Attempted murder sometimes is perfectly fine where i live.