CO Detector

Last time I tested my CO detector, it wimped even with a changed battery. So I bought a new one.

Before I got to install the new one, I grilled a steak, and behold, the CO Detector alarmed as it was supposed to.

Now what do I do? Do I throw away the one that’s been here for years and put up the new one? Or do I return the new one to TruValue and ride out the old one?

This decision process is so difficult for me . . .



Keep the 2 of them?

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Colorado (???) ,

That is Radical (???) ,

Michaelangelo (???) ,

Donatello (???) ,

Ninja Turtles (!!!)

Hmm (?) … … …

Carbon Monoxide!

Keep the new one and leave the other one stored somewhere in case it dies.