Cncertration camp like qualities of a dictator regime

was my experience in some of the state operated psych units perhaps is notable to survive like one who has survived schizophrenia like one who had really come through harrowing ordeal

my autobiography about how I survived such treatment and a “treatment” arrangement that sometimes confused help with harm

for me we always had enough food. it really depends on the hospital, the first one i went to was built like a labyrinth, no windows. it was oppressive and depressing and they forced us to go to useless groups all the time. made me feel terrible to be there…

One time I had quality insurance and the psych unit I was hooked up with was like a hotel resort compared to this current arrangement

Oh this is about your current hospital situation? I didn’t get that, sorry. I’ll move it do DX’d - Other.

and one time the pharmacy I was using gave me the run around and then my pdoc accused me of not taking my pills as prescribed and had me hospitalized

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The golden cow represents the era in which those stories took place…when Taurus was dominant…In the grand cycle of the zodiak…its really nothing to get offended by…someone else has a much worse pic for their avatar…no one has called them out on it…


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I hope you get better being on the ward stinks but go to the groups and make friends and get through it. Too easy priiate.

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I’ve been wondering why Sarad is on the site if she’s not schizophrenic…doesn’t it seem strange.

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Or maybe the golden bull represents Apis from Egyptian mythology. Either way, there doesn’t seem to be anything offensive about the avatar.

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