Clues breadcrumb trails lifes weird1

life is bizzare. for instance when i freestyle i will go off the top of my head and random things i dont understand will come into the flow then later ill realize those things are things that end up happenning. also its like therapy ill figure out my own thoughts and be able to work thru things. the other day on the train i kept hearing the word subway shop, randomly and even in a movie once then i got to the station and tried to find the baggage claim and realized it was right next to subway. these things happen to me alllll the time its like a strange gift or something like ill write random stuff get a feeling or a smell in one instance i smelled fried chicken and texted my buddy the next morning and he said that he was eating fried chicken that night! i also had a friend mess with a plastic bottle melt it down and it looked like his friends mom and he got a bad feeling and said dude ur moms in trouble the next day she called his friend crying. its all so connected and we are tapping into these ancient ways of seeing clues feeling energy and knowing whats going on superstring theory. one more of the million weird things, i dreamt my friend and i was in her car and she said do u think if the same terriblle things happen to u over and over that evllentually ull get over them? a few days later her car got impounded and she looked at me and said i think that the more bad things that happen to me the less i care and now im just like whatever and its over. anyway more to write on this subject feel free to chime in. the lines are gettin blurred in reality…
maybe we arent insane were just scared and need instructions on how to figure out this stuff its real other people have done it around me anywho does this happen to anyone else

@mcxmac- it’s good to see you back. I’ve noticed you were away. How else have you been doing?

There are times when I can spend days ruminating on all the little clues life gives me, or the 1 in a million shots that happens. Maybe it is all connected and to a point, we might be seeing into the future.

But the only way I get through my day is to let myself know it’s coincidence. I can seriously sink deep into my head pondering connections or ideas of reference.

I do believe everyone has that deja-vu, quick glimpse forward, but despite this, I can’t afford to try and talk myself out of my diagnosis. I have a hard enough time taking my meds as it is.

I can totally relate to this!
I had an entire conversation in a vision in my head with my mom, and it ended up true, word for word, as if the vision was just practice.
Another time I had this feeling to move some things hidden under my desk, and it needed to be done now. I followed orders and the instant I finished, my mom told me she was going to wax the wood floor in my room so move everything out now. If I had waited, it would have been discovered.
There are way to many things that happened that can’t really be explained by the unaffected, but I tend to go along with the instinct/help warnings with no questions asked.