Clozaril and geodon combination

Is there anybody out there who takes both Clozaril (clozapine) and Geodon?

If so, what doses (of each med) are you on? Any side effects? Anything else you guys feel I should be made aware of?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I take clozapine(Clozaril) 225 mg/day and ziprasidone(Geodon) 40 mg/day. It’s a good combination. I don’t have any physical side effects except that my brain goes a bit “foggy” and I am not that “sharp”. I think Geodon makes me that.

Best regards.

My son is very treatment resistant and continues to hear command hallucinations even on 900mg of clozapine so we are trying adding 120mg of ziprasidone because we read studies that the two hit different receptors and can work well together. The psychiatrist also suggested he might want to try ECT but I am not sure if his medicare insurance will cover that. We did try non-MRI guided rTMS experimentally out of pocket for 4 sessions but did not have any relief of symptoms for him so he did not want to continue.

There is a rare but serious interaction between clozaril and geodon.

I got prescribed Geodon once but never took it. I was worried about the heart effects. My doc said it doesn’t really help with weight loss. I just hear anecdotal evidence on here about it.

I think I didn’t take it because I was supposed to be tapering off risperdal at the time and I was worried about the drug interactions.

I took Clozaril before. It was okay. But I was on Seroquel and very high dosages of Risperdal at the time. So I ended up with NMS.