Anyone have or had used this combination?

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I am in respridal and seroquel… are u treatment resistant @aliali…!! What are ur breakthrough symptoms…!!! U can pm me…

No dear farcry, I’m well and can study and learn again and feel normal so I wanted to see if anyone else has been successful on this combination or not,

How ever I also consume some other herbal meds for my nerves too, maybe they are helping too,


Yes, I had that combination. I almost died. I developed neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Too much APs and little to no dopamine.


I take 50mg clozapine+1mg risperidone
Two times a day
Can you tell me your dosage?

Like 6-8mg of risperdal and like 200 mg and something of clozaril and some unknown dosage of seroquel. I’m not including other meds. I was on 3 APs.

Which ap are you on now?

I was on clozapine in 2004, then switched to risperdal in 2005 with the help of a pdoc who didn’t know what she was doing. I fell apart and had to go to hospital briefly. But then the risperdal kicked in and i went into remission.
Nowadays since my relapse in 2012 I am on amisulpride and olanzapine and doing well.