Clozapine Doses

what doses of clozapine are you taking?

300mg at the moment

I stopped them increasing my dose

Want to have a 6 weeks as it says online to see if it’s an effective dose or not


what symptoms do you have? How long have you been treated?

Pretty much all of them at various times

Only started Clozapine in January

But my problems started in 2004

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did you have symptom of mind reading ? thought broadcasting?

i take 225mg each day.


I take 12.5 mg clozapine + 12 mg Invega as APs.

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325 per day I take

I take 450mg a day. :tiger::tiger::tiger:

300mg clozapine
two more APs

Has clozapine helped?

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Clozapine is not “miracle” drug.
It takes years to find your self…

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In what sense Zoa do you mean to find yourself?

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To recover and remission…

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I understand and I think that it is brave if you that you took it. I was too afraid

Yes, I noticed improvement within a month…
I’m on it 23 yrs…
Low dose < 100 mgs…

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I’m on 300mg…it makes me want to sleep and eat constantly, and I salivate excessively…but it’s really helped me live a more normal life.


250 mg.

I probably need more.

I’m not sure it’s working… I still have the terror at my negative voices, who tell me I’m bad, that I want to die, that they’re going to hurt me.

The weight gain has been a nightmare.

When I was on Clozapine 3 decades ago I was on 600 mgs by mouth. That dose cleared my mind totally. I was on Clozapine-Clozaril-Leponex for half a year. Now I’ve got a better option namely Clopixol LAI. And that’s the only antipsychotics that has worked as well as Clozapine for me. Without all the harmfull side effects of Clozapine. And the best of all. no bloodtest and cheating because that its a long acting.

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Let me just add that if the side effects of the Clozapine wasn’t so harsh then I and most schizophrenics would be taking Clozapine.