Clozapine Dose Discussion

I’m on 150mg and feel really good for the most part but reading online, it’s considered a very low dosage.

This worries me because there are a heap of side effects already troubling me and waking up drowsy every morning sees me need a couple of hours to really kickstart my day.

If I ever have to go up to say, 300 mg, how much worse will these side effects (mainly the drowsiness) be?

As you go up you’ll notice more and more side effects most likely, even more than just the drowsiness. For me, I took it at night and it would help me sleep and I wouldn’t feel groggy in the morning

If it’s any consolation, I’m on abilify 15mg and this happens to me.

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i’m good on the combination of 2 weekly 50mg risperdal consta injection and 200mg clozapine

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im on 300mg, definitely makes me drowsy but I take it all at night which helps a bit

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I take 300mg and have no side effects

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Oh, my main worries are weight gain, drowsiness and constipation. A bit of drooling too, when I sleep.

Do these get worse as the dose goes up? My positives have been almost knocked out and I can think clearly again though.

As the dose goes up the side effects get worse. Stay on the lowest dose that you can that works

I get occasional constipation because of clozapine, my doc had me take polyethylene glycol whenever that happens, and it’s worked well for me.

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I am on 125mg Clozapine.

What matters is your serum level in your blood. Here in the UK the range is 0-0.50 of clozapine.

I forget the range of norclozapine is ideal which is the main metabolite of Clozapine.

In the UK a serum level is not done routinely done so you may need to request it.