Clozapine + bupropion?

Anyone on clozapine + bupropion combinaton ? I was thinking of adding bupropion (Wellbutrin) to my therapy. Best regards.

Wellbutrin is actually known to increase clozaril levels in the blood, which raises the risk of adverse side effects. And also raises the risk of seizures.

So, in essence, you might need a lower dose of clozaril.



Epocrates Mobile, 2013

when I was on clozapine I tried bupropion for quitting smoking, while clozapine is against apathy bupropion gave me severe apathy and suicidal thoughts and some other negative effects so in my opinion use it but be aware of its side effects, for me it was totaly wrong.

My son was taking Clozapine with Wellbutrin for a while a few years ago. The Wellbutrin didn’t really improve anything. His doctor felt that it was responsible for his occasional agitation. We were hoping that it could help with his focus and concentration but didn’t see any evidence of that happening.

His doctor ultimately discontinued it.