Clozapine and Irritability


I’ve been on Clozapine/clozaril for a week now, and I feel even worse than when I started. I’m so damn irritable, I’m snapping at everyone, even ppl who are trying to help me. To anyone who’s on this med: does the irritability go away?

Also, I know it increases appetite. I’m already overweight, and I have an eating disorder that causes me to either overeat at times or eat nothing at all. Will the weight gain plateau, or will I always be this hungry, even after eating a full meal? (or 6 full meals in a day like today.)


Alot of medications can affect your mood when dosage is adjusted or introduced just try to breath stick with cloazapine it works wonders for alot of people


I was on clozapine for about 8 years after being in the psych hospital and nothing else worked on me. I was able to continue my life normally after being put on it, along with lithium. I never had another psychotic break again and I never experienced any hallucinations, delusions or hearing anything once on it. I did gain about 40 pounds over the course of the years. This year I was able to actually lose all 40 pounds, while slowly decreasing clozapine and I joined Weight Watchers. I am not off the clozapine and my weight is still down. It definitely increased my appetite and made me so sleepy that I used to go to sleep for about 10 hours a night. Now I have to get up earlier for my job and so I am moving around more, burning more calories. I would suggest trying to just make healthier choices when eating and be aware of your portion sizes. You might think you’re still hungry but it may be the clozapine making you think that.