Clozapine and fitness

Yeah its said that lifting heavy gives the muscle a more dense look.

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Well you never know until you try right?

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@shutterbug you are wrong and exaggerating.
You should learn to look further than your own skin,
however difficult it might be.
Olanzapine is an excellent drug to try,
and it might work and not cause weight gain at all.
For me it works excellent so far,
and so it works for lots of people.
It is one of the top drugs for schizophrenia.

Yes, ignore all the medical evidence.

What was that you said about projecting your own experiences onto others?

And causing explosive weight gain and new cases of diabetes.

@shutterbug I feel that you are behaving immaturely here.
The evidence says the following thing:
In SOME of the patients olanzapine causes weight gain.
In SOME it does not.
I find olanzapine highly effective for my intrusive thoughts.
I am on it for nearly a month, I essentially haven’t gained weight at all so far.
I am aware that it may cause weight gain, I HOPE it won’t.
MY advice for anyone taking olanzapine:
Try it and watch your weight.
If you find unacceptable weight gain OR the med is ineffective quit and try another med.
I find that the med is very effective for my intrusive thoughts and,
so far, hasn’t caused weight gain at all, and I exercise daily so I guess my fitness is also OK.

Please do not discourage people from trying olanzapine,
which is a very effective med for schizophrenia’s positive symptoms,
just because it causes weight gain in SOME of the patients.
By the way if you followed my advice taking olanzapine you would not have the weight problem:
Mt strategy is if I see that I gained 5 kg on it, I quit and try something different.

That is uproariously funny for reasons I’ll never be able to explain to you.


I suggest doing cardio and strength training. I prefer a lot of reps to be toned instead of big.and running is the best cardio exercise


Weight gain is common on zyprexa. I gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks


I know right… if only it worked like steroids… a legal substitute to roids . BAHAH xD’’

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