Clozapine and fitness

Guys got any advice for people meds such as clozapine or even olanzapine, ive also been on paliperidone and others… Any decently fit ppl in here that give me insight on keeping off the body fat…

How can u use this medicing or any AP med to ur advantage.

Walk. Walk as much as you can, as often as you can. Keep healthy snacking choices around that are lower calorie so that you’ll do less damage when the “appetite from hell” hits. Eventually, when you’re stable, ask your doctor about getting switched to a drug that’s more weight neutral.

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Your probably right friend.

Yeah @shutterbug its tought, its like i drink like 2-3 mass gainers a day… Im supposed to be like a good 80 kg. im short but im like close to 95KG. I do got a tad bit of mass. But i do got body fat… :confused: its a toughy.

I’m STILL recovering from having been on Zyprexa. (Devil drug.)

Yeah @shutterbug I was on Olanzapine ( zyprexa) before they chucked me on clozapine i know how u feel… i put on 10kg from the duration they put me on that one. If only it was muscle xD BAHAHA

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Fitness whole sandwich in my mouth.


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@shutterbug please don’t trash olanzapine…
Not all people gain weight on it…
I for example am on it for nearly a month and I essentially haven’t gained any weight
and I exercise daily…

@Erez_Shmerling Lucky dude, I probably put a few, cause i was in the hospital while it was happening, and yeah dude i gained a few from impulsive eating. tbh i do not mind olanzapine, least i dont need a shot every month…if i was on zyprexa

Lift weights. A study showed that when dieting, lifting weights burned much more fat than cardio and dieting alone. Lifting heavy weights for 2-3 reps are especially good for this. Heavy weights will decrease your muscle size and make it more tone. Just make sure you use proper form so you don’t hurt yourself :wink:

Also any kind of weight lifting will have an after burn just like cardio.

Wait @anon1571434 … 2-3 reps? how many sets? are u talking about power lifting?

Well I don’t want to say how many sets because everyone is different. But reccomendly I would say 1-3 sets if you can.

Power lifters eat a lot of food to gain strength and aren’t much for cutting or body shaping. Instead they just try to get as strong as possible without caring for looks. So in this regard I would say no, I’m not talking about power lifting.

I’m the opposite of @anon1571434 whereas I do cardio or jogging to lose weight. Lifting weights is for strength training. There are two types of exercises: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic is like running, swimming, skiing etc… whereas anaerobic is weight lifting.

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2-3 reps tho? i dont think u can fatigue the muscle …whats it called… hypertrophy the muslce with just 2 -3 reps?

This is why i just enrolled into a fitness course… HAHA, i actually enrolled today. i would love to pass on knowledge while i learn… @anon1571434 sorry if i do not understand.

@exhile me 2 dude, but i think its the diet… im asian, and we asians love our rice… Doctors and gym goers always tell me to cut my carbs to lean up.


I had explosive weight gain. So many others do that the Eli Lilly had to label it as such.

I have trouble exercising strenuously because of my heart condition. It’s not a drug that people who can’t do aerobics effectively should ever be put on for any reason.

Hypertrophy makes the muscle bigger, which comes when you do many reps (like walking). So if that’s what you want then go ahead. But you won’t get body builder level tone

But at the same time, heavy weights are what make you skinny and toned. I’m just telling you the answer to your question.

This is true

@shutterbug to be fair, weight gain is a side effect of olanzapine.
It may or may not happen.
So it’s not surprising that some people gain weight and some don’t.
Also among those who gain weight there is variation as to how much they gain.
Some people gain a lot on olanzapine, it’s true, some gain some, some gain nothing.
It varies between individuals.

The majority of people gain so much that Eli Lilly came out on the wrong side of a lawsuit. Zyprexa is now generally regarded as a drug of last resort for treatment resistant SZ.