Closet of the twin sunset summers

I had a dream a few months before I was first psychotic in which I was left with the words “closet of the twin sunset summers” after waking up. I wrote them down as I was not used to having unusual dreams.

The other dream I had a few days later was:

“only the true lobster remains exploder”

These prodromal symptoms were probably thought disorder manifesting (word salad) before the full descent into madness.

I experienced very disordered thinking a few weeks later, during my psychotic episode. And today, three years later, I don’t experience these symptoms but am still not quite right in the head.

What strange experiences did you have leading up to your episodes? Have you ever had incoherent phrases in your head? Did they stick with you, and were they funny?

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Bumping my topic from yesterday

Has anyone ever had weird dreams too?

I don’t think I had anything like that, although I do have weird symbolic dreams that seem prophetic and freak me out because of it. I also have generally very vivid dreams, so it can be hard to discern reality from fiction. I think that was one of my early signs, too, getting so lost in my dreams that upon waking I’m confused what’s real.


My wife told me I once yelled out in my sleep…Pinocchio Sandwich!!

Seriously though, I have no memory of the dream that inspired such a riveting statement.


I constantly have a feeling of deja vu from my dreams… I’ll see something or say something in the real world and frequently tell myself “wow, I dreamed this moment before” but it’s never really true, it just feels like I’m reliving it.

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