Closed health club, too bad

If the health club was open today, I could go there and train.
It is closed and that’s too bad.
Tomorrow closed as well.

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Sorry to hear that man. Maybe some Torah study?


No Torah @shutterbug am trying to use the precious little energy that I have, to develop cognitive skills.
Torah study is not the best method to train my brain.

Well, wishing you a satisfying day no matter how you spend it.


Well @shutterbug, I don’t have the goal to have satisfaction.
The goal is to make the most of my poor genetic parameters.

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sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

I love gym too. Im taking aps and for me exercises are essential, otherwise i would gain 40 lb in two months.i use a treadmill…the step machene or cycling.

Go for a run outside u lazy Fack

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