Clopixol - quite sedating...

I have been unwell for my entire adulthood (as of 21 and possibly earlier). For 22 years I took the wrong medications and suffered terribly from hallucinations. I tried abilify, sulpiride, amisulpiride, olanzapine and clozapine. As a result during these years I felt paranoid. I love clopixol which I take as an injection every two weeks because I literally hear nothing and as a result my schizophrenia is in remission. However, it makes me very apathetic and lethargic. Does anyone have any ideas what I could do? Perhaps some vitamins will make me more motivated? Alternatively, are there certain foods I should be eating? Do you have a similar situation? Thanks for your help…

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Fruits rich in cvitamin

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as on topic, i don’t really know what to do to be more motivated… i struggle with it myself.

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I love Clopixol too. I have been on the injection for a quarter century now. I am currently on 500 mg. I would advice to exercise half on hour by walking. Try to get fish 3 times a week. Eat veggies and fruits every day and try whole grains like pasta, rise and bread and oats.


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I’ve been on clopixol for 15 years
I love it as well I was on the depot for years
My prognosis before this med was very poor
After such a long remission I take a maintenance dose (recently)
I’ve been taking Abilify for a couple of years as an adjunct second antipsychotic
I have a lot of energy now but my wellness over the years on just clopixol has been a huge trade off
The sedation has been pretty extreme
Nothing helps but sleep

I now take clopixol 2 x 25mg and15mg Abilify

clopixol is a heavy drug and has made it possible for me to marry and live independently
I love it the trade off is worth it
And it was possible for me to get more energy with added Abilify

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