Clopixol for sz

Hey guys, just wondering… who here has ever used Clopixol depot. I had 400 mgs on Friday and my symptoms are still there. Please could you tell me about your experience and side effects if possible. Also, did it work for you or was it your miracle drug?

I have been on Clopixol since 1997. The only two side effects I get on it is some minor constipation and a little bit of stiffness in my body. At the moment I’m on 400 mg. clopixol every 3 week and 600 mg. seroquel and 160 mg geodon. It works realy well for the psychosis. And I have decided to stay on all my medications until my dying day.


That’s cool. I’m glad the medication is working well for you. If you’re stable on them then why not take them till the end of your life.