Clopixol Depot

Hello dear reader,

I’m a bit stuck right now… Not sure what to do at the moment.
I’ve been collocated for some dumb reason… This was for 1 year !

They’ve given me 3-5 different depots (and in their opinion i was not cured)
so they suggested clopixol. But since then i am pretty much depressed, i am not fit, i gained 10+ kgs and i don’t feel like doing anything. If that weren’t enough i’m impotent aswell…

Now here it comes, i’ve taken this medication (clopixol) for 1 year non-stop. It started with a full ampule every 2 weeks, then 3 weeks, then 1 month.
After half year they wanted to put me on half of the dosis (1/2 ampule).
So anyways i was happy about it. But now, since 20 May 2016 I’ve been completly off meds.(no clopixol).

Now my only problem left is that i get like an half erection when i should have a full one obviously.

I was wondering how long it’d take before this medication is out of my body. When my body will work normal again…

My last shot was 20 May 2016, now this is written in November 2016.
That is 5 months later and still having a lot of trouble.

Q: Does anyone know how long it’d take for my erection to come back like before the meds? (how many months approximatly)
Q2: Now should I go and get potentie pills from the drug store?
Q3: Is there a chance I’ll never get a full erection ever again?
Q4: Is there anyway besides drinking lots of water/coffee to get this stuff out of my body?

Some crazy but not mental person

They say that erectile dysfunction could be permanent from some meds. Take milk thistle and drink lots of emergen-c maybe that will get you up and running again.
If not there’s always surgical options.

This can not be permanent right? Because mistakes were made i got this medication. Don’t tell me my sexual life will be ruined from age 20-80?
I’m too young for this really

I doubt highly that its ruined. Do a cleanse, get some exercise, it will eventually leave your system ad you’ll get better. Its probably in your head because you’re expecting that things won’t work as you’re used to them not working from the med.

I had contact with one of the persons regarding this medication.
They told me to get a blood test to see what valuables are not normal (yet).
They will probably give me (more) and other medication to solve this problem.

they might or they might not. If the don’t, then you’re lucky. If they do, well then join the club

Oh boy well when I was on risperidone I had that effect kind of it was shrinking me and i was impotent for a while

It should wear off but could take a long time its your receptors that need rest.

It can change your libido to a weak one its really lame to have it