Cloneazepam / Klonopin help


Hello friends
I took my cloneazepam again this morning to try and see if it helped my thoughts. It sure as hell did, because I’m too tired to do absolutely anything
I just took 0.125 mg this morning and now I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and am about to fall over and pass out

Is this normal?



Its normal for a benzo to make you feel heavy and sleepy.


This is completely normal. When you build tolerance it won’t be like this though.


That’s kind of a small dose for you to be feeling.that but meds act differently for everyone I guess


You seem to be hypersensitive to this medication. Your body will likely build up a tolerance for it. In the meantime, don’t take too much of it.


Well, I slept 13 hours yesterday and it worn off. I guess I needed it… in a good mood today!


First time I tried xanax I felt like a zombie.
After that I realise I need to take it with coffee, I used to drink 4-5cups a day to keep me awake until I build up tolerance, now I am so used to it, that it dosent put me to sleep anymore