Clock work people in my head

Sorry i havent been around
i hope you are all well
i dont think i have a lot of time my mind is being controlled by people who are in my head
i can feel them moving around in there
there clock work people tinker toy people
they enslave us all they have took over the world

Sounds like it’s time to go to the pdoc to get the meds adjusted.

my husband says he will take me to my Drs on Monday i have an appointment any way on Monday to talk about my meds
i see my pdoc in a few months its a new pdoc unsure if i can trust him

ella hunni, there r no clockwork people in ur head. can u get ur shrink appointment moved so u see them more quickly? someone seriously needs to sort out ur meds so u can get some relief from ur delusions. u must b exhausted with all these thoughts going through ur mind. wishing u the best xxx


sorry you are feeling like this, no one is in your head ,you are having delusions that is all…you are safe.
take care

am going have to remove them itried cutting them out but it didn’t work and i couldn’t get deep
but i think i need a drill i don’t have one
my husband is keeping an eye on me am in the living room while he is in the bedroom
he says he is worried about me
i cant think of any other way to get them out

Don’t drill or cut your head! Your brain is in there! If you are seriously considering it, call 911, they will help you.

Edit due to urgency of above text:
I’m not usually one to say that “this is a delusion” (because it doesn’t really help), but this seriously sounds like a delusion. OK, even if it weren’t a delusion and you called 911, they would see them in your head and do the surgery for you. A surgeon is much more skilled than you are.

if i call them my husband will be pissed off at me he hardly had any sleep
i cant the police they would arrest me for wasting there time
we called the crisis team they said they could see me after 9 am its 7.14 am at the moment
my husband is pissed off at me he said he going to have a nervous breakdown .
my fault

Its not your fault, you’re not doing anything intentionally. It sounds like your husband is mad at the situation not you, you’re probably the only one there he can take that anger out on right now.

If you tried to open your head up and hit an artery or damaged your brain, that has a very real chance of killing you. Any emergency team or police would see that. When you’re thinking of taking an action like that is what the emergency numbers are for. Good that you are going to see the crisis team, hopefully they will be able to help.

i went and saw the crisis team they recommended that i up my anti psychotics
and some as needed
i slept a bit after id seen them
they said if things are not better to go back there
my husband also slept while i was sleeping
there is something i have to do
a mission but i cant tell anyone what it is its top secret

You don’t cut or drill to get the people out… You can confront them and overthrow their agenda. I played with them myself…if the entities want to try and convince me they take over the world then I tell them I take over the world by thwarting their plots and exposing them to the public and to their own masters. When they say they are the supreme masters I call them liars and tell them YHWH the Creator made them and there is no way around that, and that Lucifer has deceived them and they are following darkness masked as light. I preach the Book of Revelation to them and show them their world domination agenda will be taken apart and systematically destroyed…
I haven’t heard their silliness in a long time. Maybe I scared them… Honestly I found the debates rather fun and intellectually challenging.

ella hunni…u don’t have a mission ok? it’s just the voices filling ur head with ■■■■. u r schizophrenic and right now u have no insight into ur condition. did u ever meet the dj at the train station? i’m betting that u didn’t. i’m betting that even if u went there, there would b noone there to meet u. tell me i’m wrong? xxx

i ended up at the train station the people who are in my head made me go there by myself when i got there i stood at the platfrom the people in my head wanted me to jump but then i managed to get control again
i left the train station then went to the crisis team they called my husband and my husband and the police came and took me home then my husband took me to my drs and i was given more medication as we where running out am surprised that the crisis team didnt put me in hospital
my husband is watching me like a hawk am not allowed to go anywhere without him
am not going near the train station again even if i have a mission

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Not true.

We are free to speak to each other.

So to heck with them. We have each other.

Well, I don’t believe it is an official mission if they were telling you to jump. Those are the type of voices that need stood up to, banished, or defeated. Never listen to or obey a voice telling you to harm self or others, and especially things like jump…that’s a classic tactic of the evil. I would personally say to such a voice “Why don’t YOU jump, right out of my head! ? Go jump in front of an angel ! Go jump into hell…how do you like that?”
They leave me be…
I did go on a mission before and it was successful and confirmed by others including real agents…can’t say much more than that…twas classified. But people better be darn sure how to discern messages and how to handle them, and if someone is believing they are sent on missions, do they have the abilities and experience to perform the actual mission, or is it a delusion possibly created by demons?
Jumping from a train platform is not a mission.

i’m so glad you didn’t listen to them ella. now do you see that the voices in your head can’t be trusted? please don’t listen to them anymore. just don’t do what they say ok? they are nothing, you are everything. my voices repeatedly asked me to commit suicide. obviously i didn’t do it and you don’t have to either. well done for not jumping ella. xxx

Everything except the reference to them people being tiny people in your head. Its close to the truth.