Clipped my nails yesterday

I know it doesn’t sound like much but at the moment it is.


good job =) 151515


At my age, I can no longer see my toenails. I do the best I can, of course.


Its a big accomplishment. I go days overdue. Can’t stand typing with it but put up with it until I can’t stand it no longer.

It’s about time I clipped my left hand nails. I hold down the notes on the guitar fretboard with that hand.

Once I was being admitted to the mental ward and the nurse checked my finger nails and wrote down fairly clean. I was pissed, I showered every day back then. I looked at his hands and he must have been a biter because he almost had no nail on his fingers. I still resent that and it was twenty years ago, lol

Today I asked my med provider about the way I hold on to criticisms and disses. She suggested I use the AA methods of dealing with resentment.

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