Clint's Job Searching and Staying Sane Thread

It was involved during the great depression, I gather. It was involved during the great recession, I know by experience. It is also involved during this “Great Reset” we are in now, which is not a conspiracy, but instead an official program declared by the International Monetary Fund.

Sometimes people don’t realize these “Great” things are happening if they are established at their jobs at the time.

I think I have a backup plan for the timing, people, and general location. Possibly a completely different group of people.

The pandemic didn’t affect me or my wife much. I was already working remotely when it happened and my wife was an online teacher who transitioned to remote work inside of a day. Life was mostly normal for us other than difficulty shopping and traveling.

As for job hunting, I generally get offered jobs and don’t have to look. I’m constantly saying NO to recruiters on LinkedIn.

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Not trying to brag, sorry. My industry has a lot of people retiring so those left with experience are being fought over.

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It’s ok. I guess you were explaining why you didn’t seem to realize there is a “Great Reset” going on.

I didn’t know there was. If I’m not working I’m busy with a hobby. I mostly ignore news for the sake of my own sanity and regulating my health. News = stress = more positive symptoms.

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I had some “business cards” printed up today, purchased them, then picked them up at the store.

I just got a new job! :smiley:



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Thanks so much. Actually I been here a week and a half now. It’s a great job liking it so far :smiley:


I found out that, despite its appearance, the book I’ve been referring to, “The P.I.E. Method for Career Success,” starts getting deep and complicated around page 141. If I am ever going to understand it well, I think that I may need to read it slowly and carefully while experimenting with its methods. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to that point. Maybe I’ll find a satisfying job before that. In the interim, perhaps I should just do the first phase, the P of P.I.E., while doing other things.

Glad to read you’re liking your new job!


I guess I can see why a Salt Lake City library seems to have sold my copy of this “P.I.E.” job searching book as out of date.

People talk about “echo chambers.” I think that many groups of people have become more insular and wary of outsiders. Maybe getting into those groups and gathering information about jobs is more like the activity of an anthropologist getting people of a foreign culture to trust them, instead of the job of a WW2 counterintelligence agent.

Maybe I should think on this.