Clint Eastwood was cool when he smoked

Clint was cool when he smoked in the spaghetti westerns, he went psycho when he gave up smoking and became Dirty Harry this should serve as a warning to health authority’s that ban patients from smoking on the ward, this website go’s helter skelter when you try to do a post, reply works ok, admin should fix it

My favorite Clint Eastwood movie was “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. I like the movies he directed better than the movies he started out in - “Mystic River, The Changling, Unforgiven”.

He just seemed to chomp on the butts.
Never seen him make major clouds.

enio maricones music was great, good, the bad and the ugly was a great movie, I think if I’d lived in the Wild West I would have been a bad ass like lee van clef, he was cool, I luv to go into a gun shop in the US and do an Eli Wallach with all the pistols, I luv handguns, fortunately I live far away enough from them so I don’t shoot myself in the head if I feel suicidal

the art direction and cinematography of those movies was great and the music way better than the pish you get at the movies these days