Clinical Trials and Advertisement Ideas

Hello everyone. I work as a recruiter for small clinical trial company that conducts clinical trials on new drugs developed by major pharmaceutical companies. The trouble with new medications is the need for patients to participate in the trials. Without volunteers, there are no new medications.

All of our clinical trials are voluntary and have oversight from federal regulatory agencies as well as local ethic committees. They also compensate volunteers that qualify for the studies, based on the duration of the trial.

The reason I am posting here is to get ideas from you all as to what is the best place i can run some of our advertisements so that people diagnosed with schizophrenia are exposed to them. Other than TV commercial, what are other websites, places, or activities where we can reach more people.?

Thank you all for your help

Gee thats a tricky one, this website seems to be the main website for people with mental illness, so why not just post it here? I think everyone has different interests so it might be hard to get the word out. maybe some mental health services would be keen? I dunno.