Clinical depression isn't feeling sad

It’s feeling nothing (and being horrified by it)


On the bright side the Paleo diet is going well. Mentally I feel more confident and less anxious, and physically I’m already fitting clothes better. that’s after 5 days.


sorry you are going through that :heart:…hamster hug :hamster:
i finally beat my chronic depression about 9 months ago… :sunny:
take care :alien:


I am having the reverse problem. My feelings are all over and I need to calm the f*ck down.

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I feel a depressed since running out of sarcosine and stopping Wellbutrin.

You ever heard for dysthymia ?

I’d take dysthymia anyday. Situational depression sounds good too. Anything but major/clinical depression and I’d be one grateful SOAB.

Why do you ask?

From what I’ve heard dysthymia is a gray cloud / dark sense of humor that is totally manageable and does not impair your ability to live.

What is a major difference between clinical depression and persistent mild depression ?
I’m mostly googling things I heard for.

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For me, major depressive disorder is a constant feeling of unhappiness and despair that impairs my ability to enjoy anything or feel anything. It is like feeling like a piece of cardboard… and having so little perspective that you can’t even see how depressed you are at times, and no amount of support seems to help.

Persistent mild depression sounds like the same thing but less intense. Idk, I’ve just started reading deeply into depression at all.

In summary, my depression is having an intellect and not having a soul.

Dead inside. That’s how I feel most of the time.

I know, and I’m sorry, Sara :confused:

We will get through this. If happiness is possible for others, it’s possible for us. Just gotta be patient.

For me I’m more physically tired. And lack of joy in activities. I’m rarely deeply sad.
Also my estimation on an activity being joyful is gone. But if I force myself to eventually do it then it ends up being fun. So I’m thinking I have more avolition


i still have my moments but I’m relatively happy these days. Just thankful for my medication.

I woke up today watched my Jets beat the dolphins in London. Then my neighbor called, I had to run a few errands. Tobacco store, coffee shop, pharmacy to pick up my medications. Then we made the treach north 15 miles and stopped for lunch :sunny:, then we went to the park and went for a 4-5 mile hike. Came back he made me dinner. Today was a good day.

A couple weeks ago nothing I could do could make the day good but I’ve been feeling better of late since the med change and it actually makes a difference in what I do between a good day, a bad day and an alright day. It’s not just an automatic bad day like it has been for so long.

I’ve read it’s just as serious as MDD. Has high suicide rate too.

What is MDD? Never heard of it.

Major Depressive Disorder - clinical depression.

i am anhedonic also… i dont know if this is my sz(negative symptom) or my depression… i am so impatient to be happy again that i become frustrated cause i dont have it… i dont wanna really an antidepressant for this,i think i failed there on them also :confused: i just dont have pleasure, it sucks.