Client Servicing

Can someone help me and give me advice on how to handle this?

Am I supposed to serve my clients after 3-4 months of purchase of something very low value and a mistake from their side?! why do they have such huge expectations? I have other clients who always ask me if they owe me something and certain folks, the nicer and kinder I act, the more abusive they get. I don’t know if I am missing something?

I have put rules, regulations and help out any way I can but sometimes it is illogical.

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Charge by the hour after the initial job.

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do you have a stated refund policy? If so, I’d politely refer them to that stated refund policy. Or, if they have a really good excuse, I’d give them their money back and never do business with them again.

I used to sell art stuff and I’d put my refund policy right on my paypal account where they’d pay me. Never had an issue, though. If you have a website, I’d also put a refund policy there, too.

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@everhopeful I do want to do that but they are abusive like threatening me or leaving ugly feedback if they can or harassing like it does not take a lot of time to do this and accusing me ?! Seriously people are weird. I just stopped replying her. I do not even charge by the hour, I charge small fixed fees and replying emails sometimes takes 1-2 hours a day.

@HQuinn yes I have a refund policy and return and exchange policy, people do not care.


Well, you did your job and as you said, it’s their mistake, not yours

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During the short periods of time I worked in the pizza delivery business, if the manager got a call from people who were being abusive, he would just say, “Go to hell. I don’t need your business.” Is that possible where you are?

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you’re legally in the clear… Can you learn how to deal with slander and defamation? Like, legally, make the feedback websites scrub the slander? Maybe keep everything to email, that way there’s written proof of your side.

Thar really sucks, though. One reason why I stopped trying to do vendor shows and my website was because I had a fear of what you’re describing.

I googled legal actions but it just said, get evidence, don’t say anything negative back, and request that the website review the post.
here’s a pdf i found, too, on UCLA entertainment law review:

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