Click here, Positives of SZ

Found this , have not read it… it is a bit out of date though, check it though :smiley:


Wass up gameter…what have u been cooking…

But aren’t we looking for positive aspects for US? I mean my sisters are great but what about me? I thought I was going to read something positive for my own personal life. Don’t matter I guess.
The article seems pretty amateurish and simplistic and really doesn’t cite enough sources for its claims. I’m not criticizing you personally.

Iunno… dude i just thought it would be nice to share? geez…

What answer are u expecting? xD

Normal stuff… rice and meat, my nan takes care of the veges =p

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Yeah, my siblings are really driven, high dopamine type personalities. Idk, they just vibe with each other and I’m left out, they’re both social butterflies, high functioning, well adjusted. Basically I wish I was them. But before I fell ill I always excelled in art, I could have easily gone on to be a professional graphic designer and made a lotta money. Not talking down on that profession though, it requires plenty of study.


My two living siblings are both driven workaholics. My sister is a low level worker but is a workaholic nonetheless. She is also mentally ill. My brother is a normie and he is a driven, workaholic, flight paramedic. He wants to study to become a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant.


I’m super selfish, I want to know what’s good for me lmaoo… but I really enjoyed this! It’s good to know it’s helping others somehow

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