Click and collect

I made a grocery order online at superstore. I have to pick it up tomorrow between 1 and 3. I just can’t get myself to go into a store. I’m glad this option is available here.


I’m happy for you that you can do that…one less thing for you to stress about !!


i do my grocery shopping at a gas station.

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If you had several mouths to feed a gas station wouldn’t cut it

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Where do you get your produce?

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i don’t eat much fresh stuff. mostly packaged food because i don’t want food poisoning.

Me too.

I used to buy groceries this way and it was so helpful and I am so glad they have such options.
They also have home delivery.

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I wish I could get delivery. I can for some dry goods but no fresh stuff. The people unloading the groceries into the trunk are great and quick and always bring a water and banana to me while I wait


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