Cleopatra had a funny nose

I am told, people from Laz have funny noses, my mum used to say I had a snub nose as a child, I don’t know which part of the mediterannean Cleopatra was from, North or South, East or West, or any of the multiple degrees in between, but just maybe she was from Laz. Perhaps that is why Napoleon had her statue disfigured;?;

She was Greek 666999

Greeks are a modern invention, she may have been Helene, but even that is conjecture, I hope I do not sound insulting by referring to her nose as funny, even Ethiopia is a Greek word, though ancient in meaning and origin, Greece was formed after the collapse of the Ottomans, by German classical romanticists. Only Albania escaped. I’m not sure about how the statue of Venus lost her arms, it is possible that Cleopatra was of mixed origin. Ptolemy must have married someone. I really don’t know. Napoleon was a brute.

Incidentally, Tuttenkamun’s wife was Cypriot, I am told.

Maybe, but Ceaser still liked her.

Or was it Marc Anthony?

Or Richard Burton?

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