Clearly there is something wrong

With these people. How the hell do you have any time of day to be name calling someone? I’m starting to think the devil is alive and well in these people. Or were not raised right.

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I mean grow the duck up. A lot of its just my mind. But you can tell in certain ways that it is very much real. I know this town I have been here all my life. People here are rude, like to make fun of others etc… Yet their asses are no better.


No one is perfect, everyone should just give eachother a break

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Doesn’t make much sense does it? They are filled with hate and they themselves are deceived

Who are you talking about?

Alot of people. No one specific

I have a mean streak but Jesus everyday?

We’re all going to die why waste time. I’m working on that

Have you tried talking to them Roxanna?

If it’s real and not a hallucination then can you move?

No because I’m not going to ale it worst. No I can’t move I’m not moving over some trash.


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I made the mistake of talking to a neighbor where I used to live. Disastrous. Why should I be the one to move if they’re doing the ■■■■■■■■?