Cleaning and Upkeeping

So been a bit slack lately as I’ve been putting a lot of energy and time into exercise and other things. The good news is I sold like $500 worth of stuff on ebay from an old hobby and funneled that into other things. I really do love internet shopping so today got in a 500 gb SSD and have finished fitting that.

Can’t believe how cheap SSD’s are at the moment and although I have a M.2 drive for a boot I’ve been using a hard drive for storing my games. Now I can run the ones I’m playing off the SSD so some better load times and such. As I was taking off panels I also cleaned out everything. We have a dusty place and computers just love dust so cleaned all the filters and have everything running smooth.

Not a bad day and achieved some things. Back playing Fallout 4 after a hiatus. I’m going to try and finish this playthrough. Please no spoilers!

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You should give the survival mode a try, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a Fallout game. Really difficult though :smiley:

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