Classification of hallucinations

Can be found here."hallucinations"&source=bl&ots=uCiF6GAUKo&sig=p9STWSliUZdbPTlFv45x6PJhq34&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjeoL3uvoLbAhWHb1AKHenBAv4Q6AEwAnoECAAQNw#v=onepage&q=toilet%20flushing%20"hallucinations"&f=false

It seems I sometimes get functional hallucinations a la making out the sound of people whispering but not the words after flushing the toilet.

Apparently it is not a normal thing.

Interesting. I get this with the air conditioner.

I often have imaginary conversations as a sort of vivid daydream. I think that they call this a pseudo-hallucination.

Anybody get triggered or hear voices when they hear noises like a chip bag being rolled up or crackling ??? Drives me insane!!!

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