Classical music and old style mental hospitals

In old times they were playing classical music in mental hospitals because this had a calming effect on patients. I thought it was a good practice. In America I was often misunderstood why I listened classical music, they thought I listened it so that I would become more intelligent, but they could not have been further from the truth, I listened it because I liked it and it gave me my own peace.

Can’t help but think of A Clockwork Orange is why they stopped.

But anyway colours are also surpost to calm the mind

You know why some well-known world politicians have white hair, although their original colour is dark brown, purity. Often the walls of psych wards and mental hospitals are light colors such as white and gray.

Prisons are anther one they paint the walls to calm them down. :cop:

have never found white to be calming - it’s sterile, cold and uninviting. Many hospitals are moving away from ‘white’ in order to make the rooms look more appealing.

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