Classic Car

I have been trying to get my engine back for one of my 1970 Mustang convertibles for about 6 months now. The guy who was rebuilding it got put in jail for a drug charge and no telling when he is getting out. Supposedly a relative is going to get it out of the shop this weekend. But they have been telling me this for months.

I already paid a guy to redo the interior and put a new convertible top on it. I paid him upfront months ago but he wants the car running to do the work. So I haven’t delivered the vehicle to him yet.

I have thousands of dollars tied up in this car that is just sitting. I want to get this one finished and sell it to build my other two that are in my Dads backyard.

That will at least give me something to do.

I hope I get that engine back this weekend.

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a lot of people around here have older muscle cars. they have a car show in town every summer. was thinking for my dad’s bday I would get him a 67 Pontiac lemans…his first car. but I don’t know much about cars to be much help in the garage so it would probably be a burden to him.

sounds like you have a classic on your hands. hopefully everything will work out and you’ll be able to get the work done.

I hope so. I wanted to enjoy it a little bit before I sell it.

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