Claiming state benefits

Hi does anyone else feel bad about claiming benefits from the state for illness well i do makes me feel horrible and a low life. I want a job but i just dont think i could hold a job down. Sick and tired of getting money from government just want to earn my own living feel like a leach a parasite

Well, I went on benefits after working for almost 25 years so I earned my small payout from the government. Even if you didn’t pay into benefits like I did, you can’t help it. It’s not your fault.

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Sounds like you are perfectly entitled to claim benefits and it doesnt make you a bad person, I claim what i call 'Govt assistance; bc of my circumstances and there is nothing wrong with that.

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I used to be in army and pay tax but ive being on benefits a few years now and it gets me down

How Do Your Benefits Get You Down, When The Government is Lifting You Up (???)… . …

I dont feel bad about it cause it’s necessary. However, I want my old life back and my ability to work full time.

I’d much prefer to work. I would make more money and have the dignity that work brings. With that said, I don’t feel the least bit bad about claiming benefits.

My advice is to try to work but do it in small steps and build yourself up.

I think you can work a certain amount of hours and still claim. So you wouldn’t lose money in the process.

Honestly I don’t feel guilty in the slightest. Sz makes it so much more harder to compete with people who aren’t as hamstrung. Yeah I’d feel like a leech if I hadn’t spent much of my life trying and failing. Then there’s the meds. I don’t get out of first gear anymore.

Seriously. I live a great and realized life on my terms. Sure it’s different from most people but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


What bothers me most about living on benefits is the stigma, I actually believe in universal basic income, everyone should receive benefits giving them enough to live, the problem for me comes when it is only the so called outcasts of society, I just don’t see how I could ever get married or start a family with such a stigma hanging round my head.

Yeah. It’s hard for me to date. First question is usually what do you do for a living? Well I’m on a disability pension…makes the whole process rather redundant. Still. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Disability is too low in South Africa so most schizophrenics work because theres no choice, that or live off parents

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Work is a necessary part of life, as I’ve said before, being a schizophrenic is work, in some countries, schizophrenics (real schizophrenics) are valued working in special institutes that cater to their particular talents. The idea that prices would rise if everyone received universal basic income is not a valid one, it is supposed to be basic income, not luxury income. Universal credit is not the solution either, work should be a choice, because luxuries are a choice. Government has a duty to ensure everyone can survive.

When robots take all the jobs they will bring out universal basic income in developed countries.

They won’t whilst people make money out of others. That is the failure of capitalism. The rich exploit the poor and it’s not based on anything other than wealth and economic power. Not the socialism ever got a good run. Russia was state capitalism and the problem with socialism is that there’s graft and corruption at every level. Two systems both not the best so a third option would be nice. :slight_smile:

My therapist and pdoc both agreed that I have good insight FOR my dxs… sza with bipolar, ptsd, gad with agoraphobia…

My therapist went on to say that therapy, cbt, wouldn’t work without that insight… it made me feel good, kinda, although I know how dire this truly is…

Anyone else?

We just can’t compete with normies. I have been trying for years and haven’t given up but it’s so hard to do.

You served your country and deserve your benefits.

Thank you for your service.

It is hard everyday is a struggle but just taking it day by day thanks for your message :slight_smile:

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