Cities i've been to. east to west, states only

Portland maine
boston mass
new York city
philladelphia pa
Pittsburgh pa
Baltimore md
washigton dc
charlotte NC
atlanta ga
Orlando fl
Jacksonville fl
never been to Miami
Birmingham alabama
Nashville tenn
Memphis tenn
Louisville, ky
Cincinnati, ohio
Cleveland ohio
Columbus ohio
Indianapolis, in
Detroit, mich
Minneapolis minn
st. louis, mo
little rock, ark
Chicago, Illinois
never been to Milwaukee
Madison, Wisconsin
Houston, tx
dallas, tx
el paso tx
never been to Austin or san Antonio
Oklahoma city, ok
tulsa ok
Omaha Nebraska
Kansas city, mo
Denver Colorado
albuqurque, new mexico
Tucson, Arizona
phoenix Arizona
reno, Nevada
never been to vegas
salt lake city, Utah
los angeles, California
never been to san fransisco
Portland, Oregon
seattle, Washington
sacramento, california

I’ve been all over the lower 48, I used to want to see all the cities, but i don’t care much about that anymore.


my favorite cities, are Pittsburgh, seattle, Nashville, and Washington d.c and boston.

but my favorite area of the country is definitely the pacific northwest. im thinking about moving there, but don’t know if I can afford it.

there are some notable cities I’ve never been to like Miami, new orleans, san fransisco and vegas.

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Raleigh Durham, Brevard, Asheville, Bryson City, Nanatahala, Andrews, and Murphy, NC, Atlanta, GA, Washington DC, several TN cities, Orlando, and Jacksonville, FL, St. Louis, and Kansas City, MO, and finally Lawrence and Topeka, KS.

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