Citicoline: effective in negative symptoms?

I have read that citicoline has a neuroprotective and neuroregenerative effect following stroke in mice. So I decided to try it, along with the coenzyme q10 for my glaucoma. In just six months I had a significant increase in nerve fibers. In the meantime I felt much more motivated to act and the general picture also improved. Do any of you have news?

First I’ve heard of this. Paging @naturallycured, you’re up on this stuff…

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No. I read something about pmed after taking it
However i take 800mg citicoline and 200 mg Coq10

Dopamine agonist?

How in the world can you know you have more nerve fibers without taking a sample under a microscope? And that would involve knowing what they look like in the tissue. Sounds like making up something to fill in a fantasy.

@ZombieMombie I did the OCT exam to determine that.

@DNA the citicoline increases dopamine in SNC. It hasn’t an action on the receptor d2.
It’s a component of plasmatic membran of neurons, too

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I abused Piracetam for over a year, which quickly used up the acetylcholine in my brain, causing a receptor imbalance and subsequent development of schizophrenic symptoms.

I am not keen on messing with the brain’s acetylcholine levels without medical guidance.

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What is this? Is it administered by a doctor or a medical lab?

Yes, it’s an exam that evaluets quantity and quality of the nervous fibers of your optic nerve

Presumably an ophthalmologist would have ordered the OCT exam – what is their opinion on the OCT exam results?

If you had an OCT exam 6 months after starting the citicoline and coenzyme q10, how do you know you had a significant increase in nerve fibers? Did you have a prior OCT exam to compare to?

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I mistook citicoline for acetylcholine. Citicoline is a completely different substance, I have no experience with it. Sorry.

Just be careful with any supplement that claims to have “negligible side effects”. Piracetam advocates claimed the same thing, and it pretty much wrecked me slowly enough that I didn’t catch on. Made me ever more psychotic bit by bit, every day, until I was going out on multi-hour long walks and making crazy talk in my brain.

Yes, i did a previous exam 8 months ago. I improved in this exam and my view field improved, too. My oftalmologist said me that little nervous fibers can restore and i thought that these can be present in the brain, too, altough less numerous than in peripheral mervous system (PNS)

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