Citicoline (CDP-choline) add-on therapy to risperidone for treatment of negative symptoms in patients with stable schizophrenia: A double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial

Thanks to @Mr_Hope for finding this.

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Here are some interesting facts about it. It has a realtive long halflife. Took my first dose 250mg today. It felt like my mind got calmed some.

Citicoline - PsychonautWiki


Keep us updated on how it goes for you.

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It’s early, but I think I have felt more calm and collected today. I feel a little different than usual. It will be exciting to see the coming days if it persists or even gets better. I’m sticking to 250mg a day for now.


I slept better tonight than in a long time. I wonder if it’s just a fluke or if it’s the citicoline. I started taking pumpkin seed oil at the same time which has small amounts of tryptophan in it. But I have taken pure tryptophan supplements before that hasn’t really helped.

Will see in days to come.

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Any more updates?

It seems to relax the brain some. Also sleep seems to have improved. There have been a couple of days after taking it that I manage to fall asleep again after waking up. This is new for me after zyprexa gave me insomnia.

I take it in the daytime. It is supposed to be crucial for regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

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I tried CDP choline and Alpha-GPC both give me heart palpations. Acetycholine is supposed to slow the heart but it also effects muscular contractions.

This is the only supplment I’ve ever taken which seriously concerned me. It was the reason I stopped taking my entire stack because at the time I couldn’t figure out the cause at the time. The effect built up in my system.

I’m fairly sure it was a medication interaction with bupropion. Since I’ve never seen it reported as a side effect. The supplments don’t come with good warning labels though.

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Been sleeping consistently much better except for 1 day so far. Also I feel relaxed when I wake up in the morning which is new. And I have only taken it for 6-7 days. I hope this continues, this is the first supplement I found that adresses my insomnia issues noteworthy. Also my constant headache seems to have settled down.

I tried taking 500mg yesterday, but didn’t really feel any extra benefit. I will probably stick to 250mg daily.

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What brand are you taking?

Is it this one?

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Yes. I also read that taking it with high dose vitamin B5 can boost it’s effect. So guess I’ll try that. I might try swansons cognizine citicoline as well later on. It’s a patented form that also is supposed to be good.

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Alpha GPC was also interesting since it has a similar effect to cdp-choline, but apparently it was recently banned in the whole EU. It’s kind of a joke they can market antipsychotics, but a substance like Alpha GPC has to be taken off the market because it’s “dangerous”.

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Two weeks taking it now. Sleep has on average been a lot better. I quit taking niacin for now because my mind feels more calm and I’m thinking more rational. I started yawning in the evening which has been rare before. Also it’s easier to lay down in the daytime and relax.

I have also been taking vitamin B5 and alpha lipoic acid on alternate days. Both have a synergistic effect with acetylcholine which cdp choline promotes.

I haven’t been able to test myself in a social setting yet. But hopefully I will get back to working a little soon. I’m on sick leave for another week first.

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Did you try it yet? @everhopeful

I’m not sure what it does for me. I’m pretty sure it’s taken my constant headache away. And it may have improved sleep some and given better general state of wellbeing.

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I’m saving it for an elderly relative with memory issues. They’re in hospital at the moment.

The research says it’s supposed to be great for memory issues.

So I won’t be taking it for a while.

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Yes indeed. I read that it was originally developed in Japan as a med to help stroke survivors regain cognitive function and simultaniously helps cardio health.

That’s a very nice gesture to think of family.

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Good afternoon Mr Hope

Does citicoline have psychiatric effects liké exacerbation of schizophrenia ?

Does it have effects in motivation ?

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