Circulation and blood flow


i use spices, I take a couple tablespoons of a mix of cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic powder and basil in the morning. I think it works pretty good. dad takes Viagra, I tried his stuff once but didn’t notice anymore benefit than the spices. it’s much cheaper doing the spices and exercising regularly.

also i’ll drink some pomegranate juice, which I read can help reverse artherosclerosis if taken daily for years.

that’s it just a tip for healthier circulation


here locally the Walmart now sells pomegranate juice, not just the pom wonderful, which is kind of expensive. Walmart’s products are healthier than they used to be. really I could do all my shopping at Walmart or Kroger’s without having to shop multiple places, which is nice that I have options.


how did the turmeric interact with AP’s…i heard they dont interact well…what do you think

also what does turmeric taste like…is it spicy or for a curry or what


Im not sure how the turmeric interacts. I never thought of it to be honest. turmeric isn’t spicy, im neutral on the taste, I don’t use it to flavor my dishes I just throw it into my morning concoction. I’ve noticed the turmeric makes my man parts more sensitive, sometimes I go without it for that reason. if I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t use it.


I snorted a bunch turmeric one time it kept me up all night they I went to sleep in somebody’s back yard but I could fall asleep so I went to buy a type of liquid I can’t mention it here it was a bad time


Turmeric interacts with AP’s just fine.
They will sometimes interact with blood thinners and blood pressure medications.

I take high blood pressure meds and I’m fine.


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