Cinnamon buns

Just baked these.

Anyone else baking?


Those look delicious! I didn’t bake this year. I’m trying not to eat sweets but my daughter baked cookies for me so I ate a few yesterday and a few today. No more for me!

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They look great @SacredNeigh7 , great job !

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Yeah my stomach bloats when I eat buns and I just had two.

I plan on giving the rest away.

I’m going to give four of them away today then my boyfriend can have the rest on Monday

I try not to bake often but Swedes bake heaps Christmas time so I baked about 1/10 Th of a normal Swede .

I also baked Safran buns.

Usually home made toffee, gingerbread cake, gingerbread biscuits, chocolate cookies, Safran buns, cinnamon buns, and a few other things.

They bake sooooo much in Sweden Christmas time.

I’m in Australia now though.

I bake less so I eat less sweets.


Thank you!

Ha ha ha

They are vegan.

You are supposed to have eggs and dairy in them but I just changed the recipe a little to make them vegan.

Wish I could give you all one each and make a coffee for youzzz too.


I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Vegan cinnamon buns sound good!

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Thats nice. We buy cinnamon rolls from IKEA, they’re good.

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Those cinnamon buns look delicious @SacredNeigh7. I bet they made the whole house smell wonderful.

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Thank you🙂

Yes the apartment smelt wonderful.

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Looks good @SacredNeigh7!

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I used to get hotdogs and Soft serve icecream from IKEA.


IKEA is a Swedish shop.

They have a good section with cinnamon buns and other foods.

Some people eat them every day with coffee.

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I baked a pie yesterday.

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What type of pie did you bake?

Well done!

Just a pumpkin pie.

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