@Cindy, he had no screws up waiting in line and walking up to his piece of paper on the stage. so proud of him

I’ve wondered everything. Explored diets and supplement. Read on genetics. Came to the conclusion that things just happen sometimes.

Strange family, me. My mother RH negative, and had to get shot, her second born to live, me. Then scoliosis, needed steel rod in her spine, blood transfusions from a woman here in town, rare blood, she had screws in her head to stretch her. I was 4. She was in body cast for 6 months, so hard on all of us.

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I’m rh negative and so are a couple of my kids. My mo m was definitely bipolar, maybe worse. She had a psychological break and lost her memoey in her 40s. Convenient for her, she “forgot” all her mental abusive behavior toward m e and abandoning me for my great grandmother to raise.

love to you. I don’t recall doing that, except mother witches at Halloween over books. I’ve maybe inclined toward mother’s being witches, it’s definitely a troubling relationship. So you had the shot to have your second born, and on? I don’t know if you’re trying to one up me.

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No, not trying to do anything except relate.

I had the shot with each pregnancy and miscarriage. Except for the two with my blood type after they were born. I’m A-.

Did you know in Japan they believe blood type tells what type of person someone is?

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Sounds trying for you, glad you had all your kids, sincerely sorry for the miscarage. I’m positive, my mom thinks, I got it from my dad. It depends upon both partners. It’s been said on the homepage here on our site, RH negative from parents. Do any of your other kids show signs?

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My teens. One seems bipolar and the other is anxiety driven with ocd.

Here is a link about Japan’s blood type belief. All of Asia, actually.

and you think this is outside of nurture, look at my blood, my mother’s, my kids are perfectly normal. They have good character, and show no signs of mental illness, I wouldn’t press that upon them.

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I think it’s just luck of the draw. Hit or miss.

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