@Cindy, he had no screws up waiting in line and walking up to his piece of paper on the stage. so proud of him



Both your kids look a lot like you @Daze. thats a compliment

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I think my son looks somewhat like my brother, but no, got his daddy’s green eyes. They’re gorgeous.


Congratulations to him!

How old is he?

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he’ll be 27 next month, this is an old pic. Special day.


Is this like a graduation thing in USA? Is that why hes wearing those clothes?

Congrats to you though Daze, Im sure you must be proud :slight_smile:


Ah. my special needs daughter is 17 1\2. We have been jerked arpund by medica system and think she could have mosaic Down Syndrome or Fragile x

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it would be great to get a proper diagnosed for your daughter, shouldn’t have taken this long. Phil Mathias came in after my son was born, and did a full exam to tell me Alec has Down syndrome, he had a son, Mac, with it. But I knew right when I looked at him the first time when he was in my arms. He was also born with hydrocephalus, needed a shunt put in, and replacement later.

Ambie has the eyefolds and skull structure. We had no insurance for a while, then no car. The inlaws wouldn’t take us to the genetic counselor and we didn’t know about medicaid transport back then. She’s been in special schools for autism since age 3. Most doctors said she only looks a little like D.S. and more Fragile X. Np genetic counselor where we live now.

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That’s funny Wallafish.

Oh wow @Daze what a beautiful child you made‼️ Hes a little doll. And brave like his momma.

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I guess I didn’t realize you have a special needs child.

What’s next for her? Will she continue to live with you and your husband?

She’ll graduate high schoo l next year, then have special college classes until 21. We have her signed up for more activities through the office for people with developmental disabilities. They bought her a trike!

Yes, she will live with us until we are too old to properly care for her, then one of hr siblings will take her or she will go to a family style housing option.

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yeah, what are feelings on group homes? I worked them for years,

but the other staff just wanted to sit there watching t.v. My son is living with my parents now, will you have to get legal guardianship, my step dad got it, and I had no rights anymore. Long story, but I wasn’t sure my longevity.

It depends on the home. I like the family style ones they have here. It’s a lot like foster care, but for adults with special needs.

i worked in nursing homes as a CNA and we had some younger disabled people. It was boring forthem.

We have to get guardianship next April.

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My sister has DS. My mom says I’ll have to help take care of her when she passes away. I already help out a lot


My step brother has a son with DS. They were both older parents , which increases the chances of having a child with DS .

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I was 22 when I carried him. don’t know.

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My best friend when I was 18 had a baby with DS when I had my oldest. She was 18, too. You can have a DS child any age, though being older does increase chances.

I was 26 with my disabed daughter and in my 30s with 3 more pregnancies. They were all typical babies.

do you wonder, though? Your mother’s pregnancy giving you your eggs, the environmental conditions?

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