Cigarettes coffee and music

For three years all I would do is stay at my house and smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, and listen to music. Anybody doing the same thing?

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Im listening to music, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes right now because im on winter break from school. I do this all day and then lift weights every other day.

Yes, but add playing Free Cell and going to the gym. And going to the gym gets iffy. I think we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to try anything.

Cigarettes and coffee, but I don’t really listen to music, though I do sing songs in my head to keep out the bad thoughts.

Coffee + Radio. Speaking of the radio these two songs sound exactly alike. Who is the rip off artist? :8ball:

Yes I smoke and drink lattes and listen to music but not all day.

Sz, non-sz, that’s almost all we do in Seattle. Sub Pop Records and Starbucks… Come to Seattle, you’ll be just like everyone else. :wink:

:smoking: :coffee: :musical_note:

i gave up smoking i have not had a ciggerette in like 6 months… I drink thousands of cups of tea every day…

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