Cigarettes are expensive

I have not smoked in over two years and so I do not know how much a pack of cigarettes costs now, but I have heard it is 7,5 euros a pack which is much. In addition to the cost of cigarettes smoking causes many health problems. I am glad I stopped smoking and I am also glad I stopped using other nicotine products. I know nicotine can be very addictive.


Here it’s 4.5€ a pack

It’s $11 a pack + tax for Newport’s in my state and in ny it’s $12+ tax for the same.

With tax I pay $6.35 for Aura’s which are supposed to be like American Spirit cigs. Plus I bought an Aspire Breeze II e-cig which is pretty neat, but I have been struggling to quit for a long time it seems. I did it once before, but now…is a major hurdle in my life that I can’t seem to climb over.

About $6.50 in Louisiana. At $12 a pack I would have to quit.


You’d hate to know how much cigarettes cost here in Australia. They are very heavily taxed. You can pay over $20 for a single packet.

I’ve never smoked myself. Tried it certainly, but it gave me a sore throat and i really didn’t like the experience much so it never stuck with me.

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I wanted to be addicted to cigarettes cuz all the cool kids were doing it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: so even though it made me sick at first I kept Doing it.

Yeah peer pressure is a hard thing to over come. Thankfully i’ve always tended to be someone who doesn’t care what other people have to say. Do you still smoke now or have you managed to give the habit the flick?

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I switched to the vape a while ago and then quit back in August :+1:


I converted 20 AUS$ to EUROs and it gave 12.7 euros, this is a lot for a pack of cigarettes, I think that with this price many people would stop smoking here, I just went to the store and bought some food and asked how much a pack of cigarettes was, they told it was over 7 euros.

If somebody who had a pack a day habit quited smoking, this person would save 7 euros X 365 days = 2555 euros and he/she would be able to buy some nice trips to interesting places or just buy five new laptops a year.

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They’re going to hit me i don’t want to go outside anymore.

Aren’t you tired of the same stuff everyday? Why don’t you go to a hospital?

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You REALLY need to be getting treated for this @roxanna. You need hospitalization and some sort of med change or boost to get you past this. Unrelenting fear is no way to live.

My heart bleeds for you.


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Hard headed ,yyy

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You should tell your pdoc to increase that god damn haldol

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I don’t want it anymore cos it’s a ■■■■ drug

I’m on latuda 80mg. I wish I could have something added to latuda at night.

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You take a very low dose of haldol. I take 60mg and still hear voices