Cigarette cravings

I have a strong cravings for cigarette since I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. For example when I finish smoking one cigarette, instantly I think that I am not satisfied and hence need to smoke more. I think its a different symptom of mine because when I was normal I did not have much cravings for cigarette. I had usual cravings for cigarette like other people for example smoking after meal, smoking with tea etc. But when I was diagnosed with schizophrenia I started developing huge cravings for cigarette. I told doctors that this cravings for cigarette is unusual for me. Doctor told me that it is not a symptom of schizophrenia. I would be happy if someone helps me.

you are just a chain smoker, a large percentage of schizophrenics smoke. you have to fight this…chain smoking is a lot worse than just smoking a half a pack a day…if you are chain smoking I bet you smoke like four packs a day am I right? I smoked two packs a day and that is pretty close to chain smoking…you have to fix this…you have to FIGHT this…make yourself smoke one only in fifteen minute breaks, for a week, then go to every thirty mins…at least I think that’s what you should do…good luck.

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Thank you very much.

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I dont feel normal anymore if I dont smoke…I am trying to wear the patches and they reduce the cravings but I still dont feel like myself. I cant even sleep anymore without wearing the patch because of how hard-wired my brain is toward nicotine.

I wonder if the reason I havent slept for the past few days is because I was smoking american spirits. I tried two a day, the organic ones…and I made the pack last an entire week. I guess I dont really need cigarettes.

Have had SZ for over a quarter-century. I haven’t smoked while having SZ, but I occasionally still strongly want cigarettes. They are just that addictive. I have the same problem with wanting cannabis. I am fortunate that the desire to drink and use the harder drugs is gone.