CIA mind control MK-ultra, the truth

There’s no mind control, at least not with me. I used to believe many wooo-woo stuff, like angels, demons, spirits and intelligence agents and stuff… However I just realized how senseless and stupid it was. I even strongly believed that Bill Gates was going to eat my brain and to be honest, that’s just stupid, I don’t know why I believed such stupid things

What do you think about? Does any of this have the most minimal sense to you? Oh Lord I believed so many irrational stuff man. I discovered I’m a psychic also, it sounds stupid but that’s how it is. What do you believe?

How many people believe such things? They’re a lot and there’s no way possible the CIA is spying and harassing them with agents on the streets, the CIA doesn’t have 200 million agents

They sometime when talking to me look to me as they look to small cat
They r so stupid ppl