Church Bells

Walking outside, it is warm and soon hear church bells as always on Sundays, people go to the church near me, it is the main church of my little town where I have not visited in the past 30 years or more, why - I do not know, but the church is still the same as it always has been, riding my bicycle often passing the church, so available, but still not visited, why - maybe I should go to the services to listen the word of God, maybe or maybe not, but still hearing the church bells every Sunday as it has always been, nice !

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This is our main church.

I don’t go either. Met the bully church members thinking it would be okay place to meet some new people, got bullied out in humiliating show and stalked for 6+ years, unable to even work around theirs in good jobs any longer. Eventually black balled out, as some of the other sex abuser victims were treated too…Think this happened to me because I made contact with the wrong people at this church…Have some big non-denominational churches that are just business networking with some unfit people, sometimes to make voices stop and their members are very motivated to verbally harass strangers on disability pay after mental care and even claim to mess with their own family who chose mental care instead of GAWD curing them, these members also screw people to prove which GAWD they follow including messing up employer/coworkers/customers…Really turns into looney, hate monger situations working with these, then find out the person is complete free agent who would mess up employer like not mailing out customer bills for months.

I don’t even want to even meet any more of the kooks my local churches in this screwed up city have turned out, meeting any has just been messed up mistakes…I don’t even TRY to look for work locally any longer, they are nutty. I get a job out of area in 1-2 months max but meeting too many predatorial male situations trying to use ANY woman who come in alone, even doing whore situations and get woman fired, called nuts and put drug dealer/sex abuser guy with her.

Is still cold winter in my community. The churches here do not usually use bells in city, only in small town. Think the voices call lots to church in my community due to the sex abuse that went on here. Voices here were from pedophile situation tolerated for long time here, most left. Now is just lots of new retard looneys who mistreat anyone verbally without a clue as to the history of the place. Makes for very toxic place for all the ex-wives, unwilling mistresses, sex abuse victims and unwanted business rivals who will not get relief from their mental abuse by the governor or the church, left to be verbally abuse and bed pissed on while not at home with no protection from abuse laws at work or any protection of property from cops. When the locks did not work in my suburb any more, then abusers moved from property damage to rape. Empty house door is unlocked over and over by someone police never investigate, doors just flapping in the wind and wind blowing through the neighborhood. Church people call the victims more names now that they moved on, few even telling the neighborhood abuse story any longer. Most just pack it out quietly for promise of better at next stop for keeping sex abuse and ‘mental illness’ private. Some are ratted out for harassment along the way by howling wolves from direction of city as victims stop for gas or food — and harassed for ‘stealing’ disability pay after mental care.

Churches in my area have long history of assisting abuse…Refusing to report it, ruining the victim and even taking family from the victim for ‘lying about GAWD’S representatives on Earth’ in case of Catholic children harmed here. Baptists just called family of sex abuse victims all kinds of bad stuff until no one would hire the adults any longer, family went down the road to survive it.

Abuse by town politicians continue as nothing about the recent rapes ever runs in the newspaper or TV media to even make it look like it will be investigated. Move here now and some are going crazy immediately to bring the money into churches by tithe and more screwed up people to use to mess with strangers or screw someone…Helps to know something about where you plan to move cause anything CAN AND WILL go on.