Chubby chasin

I be chubby chasin
Them big girls they be stayin,
On my mind
All the time

Lemme take ya out to eat
Come on girl, take a seat
I like em chubby
I like em thick
We munch on ice cream
Give it a lick

Curvy pretty mamas
Around the world
They make me lose
My goddamn mind

The sweetest ladies of all
They make me fall
I’m tripping on the daily
On these sweet lil ladies

I love em so much
Made one my wifey
Not chasing these days
Appreciate from afar

Fat bottomed girls
Wide hipped mamas
Wear your weight proud
You a bad beeyatch

That’s the end of the rap
Call it a seance
Singing praise to them girls
Worship my waifu

I’m touched in the heaaaaddd
Now I’m dead


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