Chronic schizophenics have an average IQ of 70


I hope that studies like this aren’t going to be used to deny disability to high IQ people. I remember being given a test to count backwards by 7’s by a government appointed psychologist when I applied. Pretty low place to set the bar.


Yeah I feel stupid with this


I just measured how smart I thought I was by my grades in school and college. Always had a 4.0 in community college and a 3.5 slacking off at four year. Don’t know how that would translate into IQ, not really worried about it.

I got a 1280/1600 on my SAT


You’re right… I see it now…



Yeah that’s totally me.


That sounds like a test for “faking bad”, to see if you were malingering. Even highly disturbed people with very low IQs should be able to answer correctly, so if you didn’t, they would assume you were malingering.


Is it possible to increase your iq? I had let’s say low iq but it got much better for me.


I did an iq test online once and it said 110. However my eq score is 0 (online too)


Your IQ is affected by many things, like test anxiety, how well you’ve slept, how much practice you have had, etc. So increasing IQ scores is often not that hard. Becoming more intelligent is probably much, much harder.


Years ago(mid 7Os) when first admitted I had to do the counting down by 7s.


Truth, especially the practice part. In fact, as humans get older (like into their 60s+), their IQ drops. It helps in the life experience department, though. I think peak cognitive skills are achieved in our 30s, kind of flatlines for a bit, then drops as our minds, like the rest of our body, ages. Always found so much truth in “Youth is wasted on the young.”


I once was comitted to a home for people with mental illness. There the majority was chronic schizophrenics, of the hebephrenic/disorganized kind. They weren’t very present or approachable. I could easily see they score low on an IQ test. Paranoid schizophrenia does not affect IQ or cognitive function as bad as hebephrenic/disorganized.

Ive taken neuropsychiatric tests during my diagnosis prosess, and I scored low on many of the categories. The only one I got full score on was verbal expression. But I can’t help to feel, I really didn’t do my best that day. I guess. I dont know.


“As can be seen in the figure, Schaie’s study indicates that the steep decline in intelligence usually only starts after age 60, with only perceptual speed declining seriously before 60.”


They’re probably referring to chronic psychosis.


Why do you say that?


how the heck am i supposed to focus on an IQ test when im hearing voices or have seen a phantom in the past week


Has anyone tested the IQs of people with schizophrenia when psychosis is present versus when psychotic symptoms are being controlled by medication?


I’m not very smart anymore. I used to be. I’m sure my IQ has declined. I think it is part of the illness. I’ve read somewhere that during moments of prolonged psychosis the brain can be damaged. I feel that may have happened to me when I went of my meds a few times. That and a lot of pot smoking dumbed me down. Well, at least I still know Spanish and English. I can’t remember French much anymore.


It’s an acquired skill. I’m able to deal with a lot of details at my day job after pushing myself to be able to do so for over a couple of decades. You can get this function back.